Early Childhood Dress Code

  • Shoes
  • a. Shoes
    b. Sneakers
    c. No sandals, slides, clogs, Crocs, or slipper-like shoes (e.g. they must have a back)
    d. No shoes or sneakers which transform into roller skates or any other object other than shoes
    e. No open toe shoes

  • Socks
  • a. Students are to wear socks at all times

  • Clothing
  • When choosing school clothes for your child, please keep in mind that easy, comfortable, and washable clothing is best. Clothing should be practical and free of complicated fastenings in order to be easy to handle in the bathroom. Please be aware that Masoret Yehudit uses only washable paints but that projects can be messy even for children who are wearing smocks.

EC Dress Code Click here to Download
To download the complete 2015-2016 Early Childhood Dress Code, click the link.