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Dear Masoret Yehudit Family member,

The Masoret Yehudit PTO leadership community extends you our warmest welcome to our school!

At Masoret Yehudit everyone is part of the family. The PTO’s goal is to create a warm environment for all. We encourage parents to contribute their ideas and expertise for enriching the lives of all of our children and strengthening our school. We are always open for your ideas and contributions.

The Masoret Yehudit PTO leadership will be active throughout the school year in various enrichment activities. There are many different ways you can participate in this wonderful group and help make a difference for your children and their school.

Some ways you can participate are:

1. Making all of your Amazon purchases through (by entering “Masoret Yehudit”). Amazon will automatically send us 0.5% of your purchase just by supporting our school.

2. The school also collects boxtops. Each boxtop is worth 10 cents and are included on the packaging of many everyday items you purchase like General Mills Cereals, Ziplocs, snacks, waste bags etc… For more information go to

We are a growing community and your participation, however little, can greatly effect building a better future for your children. We look forward to working hand in hand with the administration and you to make this a strong community.

We need volunteers for “Class Mother”, Bake Sale, Book Fair, Teacher Gifts, Fundraisers, Family Activities, Class Trips, and more.
Please fill out the attached questionnaire with your information and include any interests/ talents or resources you could offer to make a difference in your child’s school. Please return to us either by email or drop it off at the office.

We are here for you!
You can contact us at with any questions or comments
With your participation, let’s make this year a great one!

Thank You,

The Masoret Yehudit Leadership committee